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By: Edward Taylor (Edited by), David Gillborn (Edited by), Gloria Ladson-Billings (Edited by) / Publisher: Routledge / Date Puplished: 29-04-2014, 21:21

Foundations of Critical Race Theory in EducationThe emergence of Critical Race Theory (CRT) marked an important point in the history of racial politics in the legal academy and the broader conversation about race and racism in the United States. More recently, CRT has proven an important analytic tool in the field of education, offering critical perspectives on race, and the causes, consequences and manifestations of race, racism, inequity, and the dynamics of power and privilege in schooling. This groundbreaking anthology is the first to pull together both the foundational writings in the field and more recent scholarship on the cultural and racial politics of schooling. A comprehensive introduction provides an overview of the history and tenets of CRT in education. Each section then seeks to explicate ideological contestation of race in education and to create new, alternative accounts. In so doing, this landmark publication not only documents the progress to date of the CRT movement, it acts to further spur developments in education.

About The Author

Edward Taylor is Associate Professor in the area of Leadership and Policy Studies and was recently appointed Dean of Undergraduate Education at the University of Washington. David Gillborn is Professor of Education at the Institute of Education, University of London, and editor of the international journal Race Ethnicity and Education. Gloria Ladson-Billings is the Kellner Family Chair of Urban Education and Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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